The policy of the Laboratory has been ever oriented toward interdisciplinary collaboration and to the composition of a research groups rendering it suitable as a reference point for the applications of NMR spectroscopy in the field of structural biology.

The following instruments are available :

  • Spectrometer NMR Bruker Avance 700 MHz with reverse detection triple resonance probe with deuterium fourth channel for decoupling and field gradients
  • Spectrometer NMR Bruker Avance 400 MHz with reverse detection triple resonance probe and field gradients
  • High resolution spectroscopy device for CP-MAS at 400 MHz
  • Computer system for data elaboration and storage, CD, etc.
  • Graphical workstations SGI and PC (under LINUX) with a server for data elaboration
  • Mainframe for the use of Distance geometry and Molecular dynamics protocols
  • Pulsed low resolution NMR for the study of the physico-chemical characterization of water in solids, gels and tissues
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